Universidad Nacional 

Autónoma de México
Dirección General de Bibliotecas

III International Conference on University Libraries



"Digital Libraries in Support of Higher Education"



October 28-29, 2004



Teatro del Museo de las Ciencias Universum
Ciudad Universitaria, México, D.F.

Every year, the conference gathers prominent specialists in the Library and Information Science areas and constitutes an ideal forum for the exchange of ideas, experiences and new knowledge. The event is intended for scholars, researchers and professionals in the fields. In particular, UNAM's General Directorate for Libraries offers this conference as a yearly event on current issues for the scholarly staff of the Library System.



Overall Objective: The goal of the Conference is to promote a better understanding and exchange of ideas and experiences on how information and communication technologies, especially digital libraries, support education in higher education institutions nationally as well as internationally.  


October 28, 2004
8.00 a 9.00 hrs. Registration


9.00 a 9.30 hrs.

Opening Ceremony



9.30 a 10.30 hrs

Keynote Speech
"University Digital Library Trends"

Joseph Branin, Director of Libraries, The Ohio State University, USA



10.30 a 12.30 hrs.

Roundtable 1: "University Digital Libraries Architecture in the National Scenario" 


Javier Solorio Lagunas, Responsable de Proyectos Especiales, Coordinación General de Servicios t Tecnologías de Información, Universidad de Colima, México

Juan Carlos Lavariega Jarquin, Centro de Investigación en Informática, Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Monterrey, México

Alberto Castro Thompson, Secretario Técnico de Biblioteca Digital, Dirección General de Bibliotecas de la UNAM, México

Chairperson: Sergio López Ruelas, Coordinador de Bibliotecas, 
Universidad de Guadalajara, México


Objective: Share the different experiences during the University Digital Library planning and consolidation through the analysis of its methodologies, procedures and standards. 


12.30 a 13.00 hrs. COFFEE BREAK


13.00 a 15.00 hrs.

Roundtable 2: "University Digital Libraries Architecture in the International Scenario"


Margret Branschofsky, User Support Manager of DSpace, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Estados Unidos

Luiz Vicentini, Coordinador del Sistema de Bibliotecas, Universidad Estadual de Campinas, Brasil

Javier Velasco Martín, Centro de Investigación de la Web, DCC, Universidad de Chile

Chairperson: Álvaro Quijano Solís, El Colegio de México, México


Objective: To explore and discuss international experiences in the field of information architecture as a key element to an adequate planning and administration of a digital university library.


15.00 a 16.30 hrs. LUNCH BREAK


16.30 a 18.30 hrs.

Roundtable 3: "Development of Specialists and their Role in the Design and Management of Digital Libraries"


Irene Wormell, Swedish School of Library and Information Science, Suecia

Estela Morales Campos, Directora del Centro Coordinador y Difusor de Estudios Latinoamericanos, UNAM, México

Jesús Lau Noriega, Unidad de Servicios Bibliotecarios e Información, USBI Campus Veracruz, Universidad Veracruzana, México

Chairperson: Dra. Elsa Barberena Blázquez, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la UNAM


Objective: To comment and share experiences and knowledge on the role of multidisciplinary professional teams in the design and management of digital libraries.


October 29, 2004
9.30 a 10.30 hrs.

Keynote Speech
"Transformation of the Educational Process at Higher Education Institutions"


Carlos Sigales Conde, Universidad Abierta de Cataluña, España



10.30 a 12.30 hrs.

Roundtable 4: "Digital Libraries Supporting the Evolution of the Educational Process in Universities"


Margarita Almada de Ascencio, Centro Universitario de Investigaciones Bibliotecológicas (CUIB), UNAM, México

Axel Didriksson, Director del Centro de Estudios sobre la Universidad, UNAM, México

Virginia Cano, Queen Margaret University College, UK

Chairperson: Silvia González Marín, Directora General de Bibliotecas, UNAM, México


Objective: "Discuss the impact that digital libraries have on the development of higher education institutions due to the dynamic evolution of information and communication technologies and their role in the teaching-learning process".


12.30 a 13.00 hrs.



13.00 a 15.00 hrs.

ROUNDTABLE 5: "Information Literacy Skills Development at Higher Education Institutions"


Lourdes Rovalo de Robles, Dirección General de Bibliotecas (DGB), UNAM, México 

Jesús Cortés, Director de Recursos Informativos, Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez, México

Guadalupe Vega Díaz, El Colegio de México, México

Chairperson: Rocío Quezada, Dirección General de Evaluación Educativa, UNAM, México


Objective: To examine and discuss how the development of information literacy skills at Higher Education Institutions impact their academic communities on the adequate use of the information and communication tools available, as well as promote the creation and dissemination of a information culture in the Knowledge Society.  




$100.00 USD